Accelerated Elementary Italian through opera

FRIT-M110 — Fall 2019

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SY 006
Days and Times
9:05-9:15AM MTWR
Course Description

 M110 has been canceled for Fall 2019

Fulfills GenEd World Languages requirement

 M110 uses opera libretti to learn all the basic language skills.

This intensive beginning course covers the material of two semesters in one (M100 & M150). This course is intended for people who want to study Italian and are interested in opera and operatic world. The material and assessments will focus on Italian opera, but students will learn today's Italian spoken language. The course meets four times a week and also involves independent work by students, a portion of which will be performed online. During the semester, students are involved in a variety of tasks practicing speaking, writing, listening and reading in a cultural context. The grammar focuses on present, past and future tenses, allowing the students to speak and write in simple sentences about familiar topics with accuracy and fluency. The course is fast-paced and very rewarding. It is recommended for students with previous experience learning foreign languages (specifically Romance languages).

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