Ph.D. Defenses

Ph.D. defenses in French/Francophone Studies

Evie Munier
Banlieusard·e·s: Female Identities, Intersectionality, and Performativity in Contemporary French Banlieue Cinema (defended June 27, 2023)

Cristina Robu
La Mise en Récit du Corps Malade de L’autre dans la Littérature et le Cinéma Québécois Contemporains: Matière à (D)écrire (defended July 19, 2022)

Victoria Lagrange
Remaking Choices: Media Hyrbidization in Interactive Fiction (defended June 2022)

Jake Ladyga
Radical Immanence: Blasons, Bodies, and the Birth of Modern Subjectivities in Marguerite de Navarre’s Late Verse” (defended June 2020)

Amanda Vredenburgh
Space of Hesitation, Place of Confrontation: A New Approach to the Fantastic Genre through Contemporary French Novels” (defended April 2020)

Noëlle Brown
Negotiating Public and Private Genders: The Representation of Women Writers and Artists in Modern French and Francophone Works” (defended December 2018)

Jessica Tindira
Unveiling the Self: Family Secrets and Personal Identity in the Contemporary Francophone Novel” (defended November 2018)

Jill Owen
Space and the Self: Representations of the Bedroom in Nineteenth-Century French Literature” (defended October 2018)

Georgy Khabarovskiy
Savoir-vivre féminin et faire-savoir colonial dans les récits de voyage féminins de l’entre-deux-guerres” (defended October 2018)

Erin Myers
The Evolving Definition of Man: Lamarck’s Natural Philosophy and Literary Legacy” (defended September 2018)

Loïc Lerme
Mélusine, Medusa, and the Mermaid: Scaly Ladies and Monstrous Esthetics in 19th- and early 20th-century French Literature (defended April 2018)

Flavien Falantin
Syndrome Lecteur et Contaminiation Romanesque. Reflexions sur l’Héroïsme Lecteur et La Lecture Dans L’Oeuvre de Fiction (defended 2016)

Kathryn R. Bastin
Humanity in Play: Man Meets Monkey in Ancien Régime France (defended 2016)

David Wagner
The Complex Force of Fear: Understanding Power, Faith, and Love in Seventeenth-Century France” (defended 2016)

François Mulot
‘A journey that never ends’—Undocumented workers in contemporary French and Francophone film and literature (defended 2014)

Chris Lysack
You Took the Words Right Out of My Mouth: Dislocated Text in Operas by Offenbach, Korngold and Massenet (defended 2014)

Aubri McVey Leung
Au revoir a l’Aube?: Vestiges and Transpositions of the medieval alba and aube from Thomas to Wagner, Alain-Fournier and Pablo Picasso (defended 2013)

Florin Beschea
Corps, Coeur, âme et raison dans ‘Les miracles de Nostre Dame’ de Gautier de Coinci et dans ‘Les miracles de Nostre Dame par personnages’ (defended 2013)

Audrey Dobrenn
Écriture Masculine and the 21st Century: Impotent, Flaccid and Useless Members of French Literature (defended 2013)

Marie-Line Brunet
Jean Renoir : de la caméra au stylo, ou, l’itiné-raire d’un cinéaste passé écrivain (defended 2013)

Erin Edgington
Unfolding the Éventail: the Fan as a Poetic Object in France, 1880-1927 (defended 2013)

Michèle Schaal
Altérité, Performance, Hybridité: Une Esthétique de la Troisième Vague Féministe (defended 2012)

Caroline Strobbe
Essential Backgrounds: Caricature and Realism in Balzac and Daumier (defended 2011)

Olga Amarie
Image, Sound and Text in Un homme qui dort by Georges Perec (defended 2011)

Chris Semk
Performing Martyrdom: The Poetics of Suffering on the French Stage 1600-1663 (defended 2010)

Robert Kilpatrick
Le Soulier de Theramenez: Theory and Practice of the Adage in Erasmus and Montaigne (defended 2009)