Non-IU Students

Registration information for non-IU students

Non-Indiana University students are very welcome in our online French and Italian courses. (See our course descriptions in the Student Portal here.)  You must provide documentation of completing the pre-requisite course before enrolling in an upper level course. Auditing language classes is not permitted.

If you are a graduate student at another university and want to take only an online French or Italian language class at IU, you still follow the procedure below and apply through University Division.

Verify your dates with the Indiana University calendar

Unlike some courses that you could sign up for anytime, our online courses do follow the IU calendar for the traditional Spring, Summer and Fall schedules. Each course proceeds at the pace determined by the instructor and requires keeping up with that pace. Visit the Indiana University academic calendar for class dates.

Course fee information

New, lower rates are now in effect for non-degree out-of-state students who want to take only online foreign language courses at the 100/200 level. The first-year classes (100/150 level) are four credits and the second year classes (200/250 level) are three credits. Please check the fee page on the Student Central website for current course fees. (Choose the term you wish to begin under Fee Rates and choose "Distance education" under the Category drop down, scroll down to "Online Foreign Language Course Studies").

Admission to Indiana University as a non-degree student

Your first step is to be admitted to IU Bloomington as a non-degree student. You’ll find more information about this on the University Division website. After reading about the nondegree program and its requirements, complete the form, have it notarized, and then fax or email it back to the University Division.

Indiana University ID number

Once your visiting/non-degree application has been submitted and the application has been approved, you will be issued an Indiana University ID number. With this IUID, you can obtain an IU computing username and set your passphrase.

Departmental permission to register for online classes

Before you register, you do need departmental permission to enroll in online French classes. Access the permission form for French courses.

Before you register for Italian online courses, you need email permission from Professor Karolina Serafin. Email Professor Serafin for permission to register for Italian courses. (Beginning with M150, you do not need permission to register for M100 online).

After your permission has been entered and you have your IU computing account, you can log in and register for classes through Type class registration in the search box to get to the correct application.

Ensuring correct placement

If you have previous language experience and are unsure of the appropriate level to enroll in, we recommend that you take the online placement test. Find information about this test on the Office of First Year Experience website. Click on the Foreign Language Placement Exam (FLPE) and you will see the red link to access the exam. There is a current (non-refundable) charge of $50 to take the test, and this will be charged to your bursar account. Note that you can only take the exam after you have been issued an IUID and IU computing username.

If for some reason you are unable to take the placement test or believe you have the prerequisite course equivalent, you can arrange for time to talk with either Dr. Serafin or Dr. Kelly Sax (in person or by phone/Skype) to determine the appropriate course level. You will be asked to provide a copy of your transcript and past syllabus showing completion of the prerequisite course and its contents.


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