Financial Support

Funding packages & support

We offer financial support for M.A. and Ph.D. students in the form of fellowships and associate instructorships. Funding packages cover 4-5 years of study, depending on degree-level when entering the program, and include full health insurance coverage, a stipend, and tuition remission.

Associate Instructorships (AI positions)

All applicants to our graduate programs are considered for the financial support of an associate instructor (AI) position. AIs are part-time teachers of language in the department and are responsible for teaching their own sections of French or Italian under the guidance of the course director. All AIs are required to hold two office hours each week during the period they are teaching. Associate instructors normally teach one section in one semester and two in the other during any given year.

Teaching observations

Each academic year, associate instructors are observed teaching in the classroom at least once by their course director, who discusses the observation with the AI. All new AIs are required to participate in AI Orientation, held before the start of Fall classes. 

Additional appointment opportunities

Student academic appointees are occasionally assigned to faculty in the Department of French and Italian, in the form of temporary assistantships such as:

  • Serving as a graduate assistant (GA) to assist a professor with research and/or teaching as part of the professor’s hiring agreement with the dean.
  • Serving as an editorial assistant to a professor who edits a scholarly publication.
  • Serving as a research assistant (RA) to assist with a professor’s research.

Such appointments offer valuable research and pedagogical opportunities for our graduate students.

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