Student Academic Appointees

Procedural guidelines for student academic appointees

The department has a pedagogical goal of offering the opportunity to work as a student academic appointee to as great a number of students as possible.

The guidelines and procedural points below reflect both departmental policy and Indiana University rules regarding graduate assignments, selection, and workload.

  1. Only full-time graduate students in the Department of French and Italian who have not exhausted their departmental teaching support, and who are in good academic standing, can be selected for these positions. Faculty members should consult the director of graduate studies (DGS) and the chairs prior to extending such offers.
  2. No student appointee may be asked to perform duties that exceed a workload of 20 hours per week.
  3. Student appointees assigned contractually by the College or by the department for biographical/research purposes should be appointed on an annual basis.
  4. Faculty members may not select the same graduate student for a second time. Exceptions to this rule may be made only under special circumstances (caused by scheduling issues, lack of specific graduate recruitment, etc.). In cases of exceptions to the rule, the faculty member must consult with the DGS and the chair before making a hiring decision.
  5. Graduate students assigned to teach discussion sessions of large classes (over 60 students enrolled) may be reappointed a second time for the same purpose, but only if special circumstances (such as specific pedagogical competence) allow it or require it.
  6. Student appointees assigned to assist a faculty member for editorial work on a journal or a publishing project may obtain renewal for the same position for two years, and in special circumstances, for three. In these cases, the research assistant (RA) should not be asked to perform bibliographical or research tasks unless strictly related to the editorial matter for which they have been hired.

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