Courses on a wide range of topics

Our department offers a wide variety of courses that will pique your interest regardless of your background. Where else can you learn about bodies and machines in the French baroque theater, how languages in close geographic proximity change each other, and the strategies for carrying on a 36-year tradition of one of the most beloved Italian graphic novels ever? 

Fall 2021 Highlights: Italian

Fall 2021 Highlights: French Linguistics

Applied French Linguistics

Broadly speaking, Applied Linguistics is the field of study that seeks to apply findings from core areas of linguistics to real-world issues. Our focus will be the application of selected findings in linguistics to the pedagogy of French as a foreign language in the United States.

Advanced French Syntax

In this seminar we will examine both (1) the overarching theoretical questions about the nature of syntactic change that arise in the generative tradition and (2) many specific case studies from the recent and long-term histories of French and Romance, English and Germanic, and various other languages.

Fall 2021 Highlights: French/Francophone Studies

21st/17th Century Francophone Theater

This theater history seminar will study how current productions from across the francophone world engage with French theater’s neo-classical past to shape francophone drama in different ways.

Individual Readings courses

You must gain permission to register in Individual Readings courses. Please download and complete the Permission for Individual Readings Form for permission to register for the following:

  • F815 French Individual Readings course
  • M815 Italian Individual Readings course