Courses on a wide range of topics

Our department offers a wide variety of courses that will pique your interest regardless of your background. Where else can you learn about bodies and machines in the French baroque theater, how languages in close geographic proximity change each other, and the strategies for carrying on a 36-year tradition of one of the most beloved Italian graphic novels ever?

Spring 2024 Highlights: Italian

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Studies In Italian Film (3 CR)

This graduate-level course provides an overview of important movements and directors from World War II to our current era, with emphases on representations of gender, class, race, and regional realities, as well as the sociopolitical contexts portrayed on screen or in which the chosen works were filmed. 


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Seminar In Italian Literature And Culture (3-4 CR)

In this class we will examine different authors and genres, from earlier to more recent times (from Dante to Leopardi; from D'annunzio to Saba and Ungaretti and post-WWII poetry; from Iacopone's Laude to Pirandello's dramas; from Michelangelo's carved stone to the Arte povera, etc.) reflecting on the thin line that divides innovation from tradition.

Spring 2024 Highlights: French/Francophone Studies

Spring 2024 Highlights: French Linguistics

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Introduction to French Semantics (3 CR)

F582 introduces students to issues in the interpretation of French. The course focuses on major interpretive phenomena in French (verb representations, voice, tense, mood, aspect, gender, quantification, and interpretations of pronoun series, nouns etc.) on the nature of semantic interpretation as revealed by these phenomena.

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French Lexicology And Lexicography (3 CR)

This course will examine the joint fields of lexicology (including lexical morphology, lexical semantics, and the structure of the lexicon), and lexicography (the codifying of lexical information in reference tools, from the marginalia of medieval manuscripts to the bilingual lexicons of Renaissance classicists and today's electronic and on-line dictionaries).

Individual Readings courses

You must gain permission to register in Individual Readings courses. Please download and complete the Permission for Individual Readings Form for permission to register for the following:

  • F810 Individual Readings in French + Francophone Civilizations
  • F815 Individual Readings in French Literature + Linguistics
  • M815 Individual Readings in Italian