Courses on a wide range of topics

Our department offers a wide variety of courses that will pique your interest regardless of your background. Where else can you learn about bodies and machines in the French baroque theater, how languages in close geographic proximity change each other, and the strategies for carrying on a 36-year tradition of one of the most beloved Italian graphic novels ever? 

Highlighted French / Francophone Studies Courses

Montréal : des Canadiens-français à la Francophonie

Joint-offered with CULS-C 701

Dans le cadre de ce séminaire, nous allons tout d'abord explorer les manières dont des écrivains, cinéastes et artistes francophones ont participé à la Révolution tranquille, créant de fait les instances des institutions culturelles montréalaises. 

Highlighted French Linguistics Courses

Contrastive Study of French and English

Class approach distinguishes differences that are imposed by the grammar of each language from those that serve as stylistic resources. The course also serves as an introduction to methods in translation and should enable students to become better writers of French or English (or both).

Introduction to French Morphology

In this course, which introduces morphology from the perspective of the structure of French, we will be concerned both with basic questions that must be answered in any theory (such as the elusive definitions of morpheme and word) and with the various approaches to morphology taken within Generative Linguistics.

Highlighted Italian Courses

Renaissance Italian Literature and Culture: Ariosto and Folengo

Leggeremo in maniera ravvicinata e comparata il Furioso (del 1532; edizione principe 1516) e il Baldus (nella redazione, postuma, del 1552; edizione principe 1517), mettendoli al vaglio della critica e confrontandoli ad altre opere ariostesche e folenghiane.

Cultures of Play Across the Medieval World

This course will interrogate the presence of games and gambling across a wide range of medieval literature, while also considering the social, legal, and religious contexts that inform its representation. We’ll put particular emphasis on the game of chess, as it moves from India to Persia to the Arab world and into western European circulation.

Individual Readings courses

You must gain permission to register in Individual Readings courses. Please download and complete the Permission for Individual Readings Form for permission to register for the following:

  • F815 French Individual Readings course
  • M815 Italian Individual Readings course