Research Areas

Research projects

A sampling of the recent and current long-term-research projects of our faculty provides eloquent testimony of the Department of French and Italian’s deep engagement with interdisciplinary and cross-cultural research:

  • New digital techniques and medieval manuscript editions
  • Ethics from antiquity to the Renaissance
  • Classical rhetoric and the Renaissance
  • Atheism and religious tolerance from the Renaissance to the Enlightenment
  • Politico-theological underpinnings of Louis XIV’s absolutism
  • Visual and literary cultures in Renaissance and Baroque Italy
  • The role of technology in the production and reception of early modern drama
  • The image of America in France during the second half of the 18th century
  • Literature and the visual arts in 19th-century French culture
  • Illustrations and the development of the publishing industry in France
  • Gender, display, and displacement in 20th-century Francophone fiction
  • Forms and functions of poster art in WWI France
  • Exile and migration in contemporary literary studies
  • Postcolonial and transfrontier approaches to literature
  • Contemporary urban culture and arts in African and African diaspora cities
  • Orality and media in Francophone cultures
  • Narrative trends in the design of board games and the use of figurines in play
  • Americanization of Italian cinema during the Cold War
  • Italian American women film directors
  • Historical-etymological-comparative study of French in North America
  • Spoken French and other Gallo-Romance dialects
  • Pronominal systems in Medieval Romance
  • Language knowledge and acquisition at the intersection of linguistics with cognitive psychology and neurocognition