Italian Club

Explore Italian culture with Circolo Italiano

Circolo Italiano meets regularly and is open to all, students and community members alike, who want to interact in a friendly environment in order to improve their Italian language skills. In addition to screening Italian films (with English subtitles), Circolo offers the opportunity to converse with many native speakers and other students of Italian. Students at all levels are welcome to join the friendly and low-key conversation hour. Additionally, we invite beginners to attend a monthly conversation hour that specifically targets their needs. Our director of language instruction in Italian, Karolina Serafin, serves as faculty director, assisted by graduate student Vincenzo Dimaggio.

Our activities

Our activities change every semester and depend on the needs and interests of our students and instructors. Here are some examples:

  • “Night at the Opera” events, where together we attend an Italian opera at the Musical Arts Center, produced and performed by the Jacobs School of Music
  • Game nights where we teach students how to play Italian games
  • Movie nights
  • We cook, play soccer, and sing together
  • We learn about Italian traditions while eating delicious Italian foods
  • We learn slang and dialectal variations of Italian

Each semester we listen carefully to cultural topics that students want to explore and try our best to organize fun, interactive events that enrich your experience of learning Italian!

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