High School Students

High School OPEN program in French and Italian

If you are a high school junior or senior and wish to sign up for an online course in the Department of French and Italian, you may be able do so through the On-campus Precollege Enrollment Non-degree (OPEN) Program. This will help you to accelerate your language learning.

Your first step is to become familiar with the requirements of the OPEN Program. Talk with your high school guidance counselor and take a look at the program website.

Note: the OPEN program is now accepting high school students from out of state for online courses in the Department of French and Italian.

Find our course options

If the OPEN program is a good fit, your next step is to determine which of our courses is right for you. To find this information, check our courses page.

Find the OPEN enrollment form

Consult the How to Apply page at the OPEN Program website to find more specifics about OPEN Program registration.

You’ll need an enrollment form signed by your high school guidance counselor. The form also asks which course and section you want to enroll in. Just note “French” or “Italian” and the OPEN office will help you decide on the right course depending on your previous experience.

If you are a prospective online student who is not physically present on the Bloomington campus, please scan your form after obtaining the needed signatures and send it to the OPEN program office.

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