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Past scholarly conferences

March 26-27: A two-day online conference that explores the themes of proximity, or lack thereof. 

In a time where one is separated not only via physical distance from others, but also temporally from the past and the future, it is important to reflect on and analyze how languages across cultures shape the way distance is understood… or is it how we perceive distance that shapes the way we produce language? Could it be both? Be it through the principle of locality, diachronic or diatopic variation, language contact, etc., now is the perfect opportunity to explore the linguistic notion of distance.

Keynote speakers:

Carlo Ginzburg (UCLA and Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa): Herd democracy? Political communication in the Covid era

Amanda Dalola (University of South Carolina): Perception and production in phrase-final fricative epithesis among L1 and L2 speakers of French

Carla Calargé (Florida Atlantic University): Up close and distant: Lebanese bande dessinée and the geographies of disasters

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February 28: A symposium on poets and their places across the medieval world.

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February 13-14: A two-day conference devoted to the appreciation and study of comic books.

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February 14-15: A Symposium in Honor of Eileen Julien

Guided by Professor Julien’s decades-long critical and creative examination of the intersectionality of race, gender, institutional structures, and theoretical localities, this event seeks to bring together a select group of scholars from different disciplines to contribute to the larger conversation on the role and forms of theoretical, pedagogical, and community engagement in the humanities today.

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September 5-6: The multifaceted Vieyra was at once a practitioner and a scholar of African cinema and media as it was being formed in the decolonization era of the 1960s. Animated by the preservation and restoration efforts of Vieyra’s son Stéphane, our purpose in the workshop is to explore the legacy of this film pioneer in terms of his papers and audiovisual materials and to consider the feasibility of making a home for them here at Indiana University.

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September 27-30: The GALANA conference, held every 2 years at different universities, featured theoretically informed research on all types of language acquisition scenarios. Keynote speakers included Charles Reiss (Concordia University), Lydia White (McGill University), and Charles Yang (University of Pennsylvania).

April 6-7: This workshop brought together an international group of scholars from diverse fields to investigate the collective dimension of affect and its genealogy in a new light.

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April 6-8: Our department hosted this annual international gathering of scholars in 2017, when our keynote speakers included Patrick Chamoiseau, Nathalie Heinich, and Philippe Falardeau.

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March 4-6: GASLA, an annual event held at different universities, provided a forum for discussion of research on second language acquisition, bilingual and multilingual acquisition, psycholinguistics and neurocognition.

March 26-27: This symposium featured music composer Cosimo Colazzo, journalist Antonio Nicaso, and poet Ernesto Livorni.

March 29: Our department hosted several experts on 20th and 21st century popular music in Italy: Chiara Mazzucchelli, University of Central Florida; Gianpaolo Chiriacò, Università del Salento/ Center for Black Music Research; Paola Barzan, Università di Padova/Fondazione Levi, Venezia; and keynote speaker Cosimo Colazzo, Conservatorio di Trento.

October 25-28: The 41st annual conference was hosted at IU and featured three renowned keynote speakers: Norma Mendoza-Denton (University of Arizona), Dennis R. Preston (Oklahoma State University), and Sali Tagliamonte (University of Toronto).

Past Graduate Student Conferences

March 1-2: Lectures by guest speakers and presentations by graduate students incited discussion on the concept of understanding and misunderstanding in both literature and linguistics. Keynote speakers were Tobias Warner (UC-Davis), Simone Marchesi (Princeton), and Dalila Ayoun (University of Arizona).

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March 10-11: Our graduate students invited three exciting keynote speakers: Andrea Mirabile (Vanderbilt University), Anny Dominique Curtius (University of Iowa), and Mireille Tremblay (Université de Montréal).

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April 10-11: Our keynote speakers in 2015 were alumnus Chris Semk (Yale University), Italian scholar Dana Renga (The Ohio State University), and French linguist Deborah Arteaga (University of Nevada, Las Vegas).

Past Italian Cinema Conferences

Tenth annual film symposium featuring director Wilma Labate
April 17-20

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9th annual film symposium featuring director Vincenzo Marra
April 18-21

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8th annual film symposium, featuring Roberto Andò
April 19-22

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7th annual conference, featuring Franco Maresco and Rean Mazzone
April 20-23

6th annual conference, dedicated to the late master of Italian film Francesco Rosi
April 22-25

5th annual conference, featuring filmmaker and actor Carlo Verdone
April 23-26

4th annual conference, featuring director Roberta Torre
April 17-20