Student Experience

A collaborative & collegial environment

The collegial atmosphere of the French and Italian area of the Global and International Studies Building is most evident when the weekly Café Euro takes place. Run by graduate student volunteers, this casual drop-in gathering is a time to catch up socially, share ideas for teaching, compare notes for classes, and just relax over coffee and something to eat.

Our department fosters a collaborative, vibrant, and caring environment, one that generates a strong feeling of commonly shared interests. Having this kind of milieu in which to work is, we believe, the best way to support your academic life—both during graduate school and in subsequent years.

Image of Jamie Root and Rodica Frimu at commencement ceremonies in 2017.

It has been a joy to be surrounded by people who feel as passionately about French as I do, and to while away the hours talking about the most obscure linguistic details.

Jamie Root, Ph.D. French Linguistics, 2018

Connections + Camaraderie

The French Club and Circolo Italiano activities, while geared toward undergraduate students, also build camaraderie among graduate students, who volunteer in various ways: from making crêpes to discussing Italian dating habits. The annual Breton dancing event and the Italian holiday party in December are particularly popular.

Italian graduate students relax at local watering hole, Bear’s Place, after another successful Circolo Italiano event.
Students pose for photo with IU Department of French and Italian banner.
Graduate students gather in a classroom.
Department of French and Italian graduates.

Professionalization workshop

In even-numbered years, graduate students organize a professionalization workshop to help themselves and their peers prepare for the job market. The speakers include faculty members, advanced graduate students, and representatives of the GradGrants Center, who talk about funding. Recently, a plenary session with the chair and the three directors of graduate studies has been added, to discuss what works well and what could be improved for graduate students in the department.

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