Italian B.A.

Why study Italian?

Italian is the language of art, music, fashion, design, international commerce, finance, economics and technology. The culture of inventors, scientists, mathematicians, musicians, explorers, poets, playwrights, and world-renowned athletes. Let Italian be your passport to the world and global citizenship, and your window into diverse perspectives, career paths, and passions.

Through a rich variety of courses, activities outside the classroom, and programs for study abroad, you can attain advanced language skills and intercultural competencies that will render your career profile unique. Whatever profession you choose, the ability to engage, interact, and appreciate the people, products, practices, and perspectives of other cultures will set you apart because it will endow you with the rich combination of both analytical and creative skills that employers avidly seek.

Major requirements focus on developing a solid mastery of the four basic language skills (reading, writing, speaking, and aural comprehension) and on providing an overview of Italian literature and civilization. In-depth study can be pursued through individual readings and a variety of 400-level literature courses, with topics ranging from Boccaccio’s Decameron to the Mafia in Italian cinema. Our overseas summer program in Florence and semester and year-long study abroad programs in Bologna offer great opportunities for immersive learning.

An Italian major enables you to establish linguistic fluency, important for jobs in many fields in our global economy. In addition to language skills, students who major in Italian gain many other skills that are important in today’s job market, including communication, negotiation, flexibility, adaptability, and multicultural understanding.

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