Scholarly conferences

Our department holds conferences, workshops, and symposia on topics of significance to our areas of study. We host visitors from other institutions and draw on the expertise of faculty and graduate students to unpack important research in the field. We also organize and host a bi-annual interdisciplinary graduate student conference. 

Upcoming conferences

March 26-27: A two-day online conference that explores the themes of proximity, or lack thereof. 

In a time where one is separated not only via physical distance from others, but also temporally from the past and the future, it is important to reflect on and analyze how languages across cultures shape the way distance is understood… or is it how we perceive distance that shapes the way we produce language? Could it be both? Be it through the principle of locality, diachronic or diatopic variation, language contact, etc., now is the perfect opportunity to explore the linguistic notion of distance.

Keynote speakers:

Carlo Ginzburg (UCLA and Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa): Herd democracy? Political communication in the Covid era

Amanda Dalola (University of South Carolina): Perception and production in phrase-final fricative epithesis among L1 and L2 speakers of French

Carla Calargé (Florida Atlantic University): Up close and distant: Lebanese bande dessinée and the geographies of disasters

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