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The French Club welcomes all those interested in speaking French and in learning about French and francophone cultures. Our director of language instruction in French, Kelly Kasper, serves as faculty director, assisted by Shane O'Bannon and Clara Miller-Broomfield. The aim of the French Club is to offer enrichment activities for current Indiana University French students, while also exposing the broader campus and Bloomington communities to aspects of French and francophone culture.

French Club traditions

Join the French Club for conversation nights, film nights, and cultural activities. Our conversation table is an opportunity to practice your French over drinks and snacks, learning more about francophone culture in the process. We schedule special events to learn about various aspects of the culture of France or other French-speaking regions and countries around the world (there are 29 of them!), such as manners and etiquette, media in Francophonie, French slang, etc. We also host a film series each semester focused on a particular theme.

We celebrate Mardi Gras each year with a French Club party, sometimes joining forces with Circolo Italiano, as this last big bash before the Catholic period of Lent is important in both cultural traditions. In the Spring, we host a French Talent Show where students compete to win prizes by showcasing their talents in French—with music, short theatrical skits, poetry readings, or in performances of dance from various French-speaking areas. During the past few years we have also hosted a night of dance from Brittany in October, where students learn the danse bretonne and enjoy food from the region.

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