Alumni News

We are proud of our diverse and accomplished group of 2019 B.A. graduates! Among them are Claire Ambrose (BA French), who is working in a children’s museum after graduation, and Nicholas Petry (BA French and International Studies), who will be employed in Bloomington by Habitat for Humanity. Another French BA graduate, Rebecca Hailperin-Lausch, will be teaching English in Grenoble, France after summer work in an IU research lab (her second major was Psychology).

Other recent graduates include Jessica True (BA Italian, 2018) who earned a double degree in Italian and in vocal performance from the Jacobs School of Music. She pursuing a Masters in Opera Performance at the University of Kansas and will certainly have an advantage when singing Italian operatic masterworks. Adam Smith (BA French, 2018) taught English in France under the prestigious auspices of the Fulbright program in 2018-19, before heading to the University of Michigan to a Ph.D. program in French literature.

Some of our graduates have advanced to positions of leadership, such as Caroline Fache (Ph.D., French literature ‘07), Chair of Modern Languages and Literatures at Davidson College, and Mary Vogl (Ph.D., French literature ’98), Chair of the Department of Foreign Languages & Literatures at Colorado State. Carlotta Paltrinieri (Ph.D., Italian ’18) is the Assistant Director of the Medici Archive Project in Florence, which combines archival research with technological innovation.

Sometimes artistic talents dictate a future career, such as for Chris Lysack (Ph.D., French literature ’14), who is a tenor with the Opera på Skäret in Kopparberg, Sweden and with the Staatstheater Darmstadt in Darmstadt, Germany.

Very important to my experience in France were the conversations held over coffee in the morning or over ratatouille and Côte de Rhône in the evening. I understood more about my identity as an American, as a millennial, and as an individual. I was able to piece together the wisdom and savoir-faire of the old world with my American spirit, to pursue my projects today.

Robert Coatsworth, B.A. French and Spanish 2015