Assistance each step of the way

We offer guidance all through the process of pursuing your goals in French and Italian. We know that students benefit from conversation and planning, and we encourage you to draw on the expertise of the people listed below.

Academic advisor

Our undergraduate academic advisor can help you navigate through the university. She understands the systems and procedures you will encounter and can help you plan a course of study that allows you to meet personal and academic goals.

Contact the academic advisor to declare a major, certificate, or minor, and to discuss procedural requirements for your degree. Especially for the major, please meet with both the academic advisor and the director of undergraduate studies (see below.)

You can make an appointment with Natalie Techentin via the Student Appointment Scheduler (SAS).

Directors of undergraduate studies

Our faculty members who serve as directors of undergraduate studies in French and in Italian work with our academic advisor to help students along a smooth path to the minor, major, or certificate. You can declare the major, minor, or certificate with either the directors of undergraduate studies (French or Italian) or the academic advisor. The directors of undergraduate studies approve any exceptions to our requirements and transfer of credit, including from study abroad. Since they are in the academic field of your major or minor, they have additional knowledge about programs that cater to particular interests and study abroad options. Please note that majors meet with both the academic advisor and the appropriate director of undergraduate studies. We welcome you to make an appointment using the information below.

Have questions about French or Italian?

Barbara Vance

Barbara Vance

Director of Undergraduate Studies, French

Undergraduate Advising, French

Associate Professor, French and Italian

Associate Professor, Linguistics

  • (812) 855-2702
  • Global and International Studies Building 3171

Contact Professor Vance for advice on French courses, declaring a major or minor, Certificate in Global French, and transferring French credits from study abroad or from another university.

View Professor Vance's faculty profile.

Amanda Lueck

Amanda Lueck

College of Arts and Sciences Advisor

Amanda is one of the advisors for French and Italian undergraduates who advises students interested in a French or Italian major, minor, or certificate, in coordination with our directors of undergraduate studies. She helps French and Italian majors track progress toward the degree and make sure they fulfill departmental as well as College and university requirements. Amanda’s educational background is in Folklore and Ethnomusicology.

Jed Junken

Jed Junken

College of Arts and Sciences Career Coach

Jed is a Career Coach at the Walter Center who enjoys helping students with resumes, cover letters, interview preparation, job and internship searches, and anything else related to career development.