French/Francophone Studies

Use your University Graduate School Bulletin

Students pursuing a graduate degree in French/Francophone Studies should refer to the requirements in the University Graduate School Academic Bulletin. Your Bulletin year corresponds to the year you were admitted to your degree program.

Visit the Academic Bulletins website to find all Indiana University Bloomington Bulletins. You must scroll to the bottom of the page for the University Graduate School Bulletins, then choose the year you began your degree program.

French/Francophone Studies degree information

While the Graduate School Bulletin is the official source for degree information, below is a summary of requirements.

M.A. degree requirements in French/Francophone Studies

  • 30 credit hours of graduate coursework, at least 23 of which must be in FRIT-F
  • Required coursework: AIs must take F572 and F573
  • Final project and faculty review: Students must submit all of their M.A. level term papers and a 4-5 page written rationale

Ph.D. degree requirements in French/Francophone Studies

  • 35 credit hours of graduate coursework beyond the M.A. for a total of 65 credit hours of coursework
  • Required coursework: F564, F603, F572, and F573 (if not previously completed)
  • 25 credit hours of thesis credits (F875)
  • An outside minor (credit hours determined by the minor department, but typically fall between 12-16 credits)
  • Reading proficiency in one foreign language relevant to students’ studies, DGS approval required
  • Written examination: students must develop a customized reading list in their intended area of specialization, plus examination in 6 literary periods or 5 literary periods plus literary/media theory. Qualified exemptions for literary periods may be given.