Italian Textbooks

Textbooks for Italian online classes

All of the Italian language classes use the same textbook (apart from M250), whether they are taught in traditional, hybrid, or on-line format. Note that purchasing a hard copy of the textbook is optional. The publisher’s website, VHL, offers different options of the Sentieri textbook. You can choose between loose-leaf and digital formats. Whichever format you select, it must contain the following elements: Supersite Plus Code (w/ WebSAM + vText). You can purchase the code for 36 or 6 months, depending on your needs.

Starting in Spring 2020, M100, M110, M115 and M150 and M215 will use the 3rd Edition of the above textbook which can be purchased here on the Vista Higher Learning website. M200 will continue to use the 2nd edition in Spring 2020.

In the second part of the M215 course and for the M250 course, your instructor will give you access to a free online textbook. If you are enrolled in M215 for Spring 2020 and currently have a copy of the 2nd edition, contact Karolina Serafin ( for help obtaining the 3rd edition of Sentieri.

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