Spring French Courses

Spring 2023 French graduate courses

FRIT-F 536
W 4:45P-6:45P

Introduction à l’étude du roman français au 18e siècle. L’accent sera mis sur les deux formes narratives qui ont dominé le siècle: le roman-mémoires et le roman épistolaire.

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FRIT-F 578
TR 4:30P-5:45P

The systematic examination of the structure of two languages through the lens of a corpus of texts and their published translations, going in both directions (French > English and English > French), is a strikingly effective way to hone one’s understanding of how the two languages are alike and how they differ with respect to a large number of constructions (e.g. phrasal verbs, modal verbs, subordination devices) and the handling of linguistic and communicative functions (e.g. verbal aspect, information structure). 

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FRIT-F 579
TR 9:45A-11:00A

Morphology is the study of word structure, and as such it occupies a central place in linguistics even though it is often overshadowed by its neighbors, phonology and syntax. 

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FRIT-F 615
T 3:00P-5:00P

Troubadour lyric has long been considered foundational to literary culture in the Middle Ages, particularly in its development and elaboration of the influential concept of fin’amors (courtly love), and in the early date of the expansive and virtuosic vernacular poetic community that the tradition represents. 

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