Contrastive Study Of French and English

FRIT-F 578 — Spring 2023

Kevin Rottet
IF 0002 #31158 / Online #31160
Days and Times
TR 4:30P-5:45P
Course Description

The systematic examination of the structure of two languages through the lens of a corpus of texts and their published translations, going in both directions (French > English and English > French), is a strikingly effective way to hone one’s understanding of how the two languages are alike and how they differ with respect to a large number of constructions (e.g. phrasal verbs, modal verbs, subordination devices) and the handling of linguistic and communicative functions (e.g. verbal aspect, information structure). Our approach distinguishes differences that are imposed by the grammar of each language (constraints) from those that serve as stylistic resources (options). The course also serves as an introduction to methods in translation and should enable students to become better writers of French or English (or both). The in-class discussion is supplemented and tested against practical problems of translation. Requirements for the course include regularly scheduled short assignments, short oral presentations on a specific area of contrast between French and English, and a term paper which investigates in detail one specific area of contrast by comparing its expression in one or more books and translation(s) thereof.

FRIT-F 578       #31158    4:30P-5:45P            TR         IF 0002            Rottet K

FRIT-F 578       #31160    4:30P-5:45P            TR         ONLINE           Rottet K

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