Erin Candeias

Erin Candeias

Director of Language lnstruction, French

Lecturer, French and Italian


  • M.A., French (Linguistics), University of Georgia, 2016
  • B.S. Ed., World Language Education (French), University of Georgia, 2013

Research Areas

  • Second language acquisition
  • Acquisition of socio-stylistic variation
  • Second language instruction and curriculum design
  • Language in media


  • Stigers, E. (2021). Television Subtitles for Stylistic Awareness: Developing and Implementing Media-Based Classroom Activities. The French Review 95(2), 19-42.


About Erin Candeias

My research interests stem from my experiences teaching language in many environments from French public schools, to language immersion camps to American high schools and universities. I am interested in the processes of second language acquisition, particularly the acquisition of sociolinguistic phenomena such as stylistic variation. I also enjoy working in curriculum development, in particular, incorporating target language media in the classroom with a goal of exposing learners to stylistic and geographic variation. My experience serving as a course coordinator in IU’s department of French and Italian has fueled my enthusiasm for teacher training and cross-disciplinary collaboration for the purposes of enhancing student experience.