La France Médiévale (jusqu'à 1500)

FRIT-F361 — Fall 2020

Siege of Acre.
Elizabeth Hebbard
Days and Times
1:45P-2:35P WF
M-- Asynchronous online (no in-person meeting)
W--Synchronous online (no in-person meeting)
F--JH 065
Course Description

Prerequisite: F300 or equivalent

This course serves as a general introduction to the cultural history of medieval France from the Carolingian Empire to 1500. We will move thematically, rather than chronologically, focusing each week on different aspects of social, political, philosophical, literary, artistic and religious life in medieval France. Weekly readings feature secondary texts that offer broad perspectives paired with primary texts that highlight key figures and events in closer detail. Topics include feudalism, courtly love, the crusades, kings and popes, medieval calendars, pilgrimage and travel routes, medieval manuscripts, gothic cathedrals, and the origins of the French language. Some attention will also be paid to the way the Middle Ages is represented (or misrepresented) in contemporary popular culture. All classwork and written work will be conducted in French.

Image attribution: Biblotheque Municipale de Lyon, Ms 828 f33r [Public domain]

For this course there will be a synchronous online meeting on Wednesdays and an in-person meeting on Fridays. No meeting on Mondays.

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