Studies In Italian Film (3 CR)

FRIT-M 600 — Spring 2024

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Colleen Ryan
FF 062
Days and Times
Th 11:30a-1:30p
Course Description

What is Italian cinema? Why is Italian cinema known and revered around the world? Who are some of the filmmakers that made it famous? With a rich history that spans more than a century, Italian cinema reflects the pursuit of a national identity and the challenges that have unsettled prevailing norms, values, and inequalities within Italian society. This graduate-level course provides an overview of important movements and directors from World War II to our current era, with emphases on representations of gender, class, race, and regional realities, as well as the sociopolitical contexts portrayed on screen or in which the chosen works were filmed. Students will engage with theoretical, technical, and analytical approaches to film studies and they use film texts as artistic exemplars for understand Italy, Italians, and the Italian way of life. Offered in English.

FRIT-M 600  #30658       11:30A-1:30P          Th             FF 062            Ryan C
This course meets with MSCH-C 606.

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