Studies in 16th-Century French Literature (3 CR)

FRIT-F 620 — Spring 2024

Eric MacPhail
BH 123
Days and Times
Th 4:00P - 6:00P
Course Description

This seminar will focus on Desiderius Erasmus, the foremost humanist of the Northern European Renaissance. We will survey the entire breadth of Erasmus' work including the rhetorical, pedagogical, biblical hermeneutic, and book historical dimensions. Throughout our labors, we will be accompanied by the new Companion to Erasmus published by Brill in Spring 2023. We will also profit from the current European research projects on Erasmus and declamation and Erasmus and bilingualism as well as the ongoing critical edition of the complete works, ASD, and the complete English translation of Erasmus' works known as CWE. We will make good use of the extensive original holdings of our Lilly Library, rich in Erasmiana, and we will benefit from the wisdom of our distinguished visitor, Blandine Perona of Université Polytechnique Hauts de France and the Institut Universitaire de France. For Spring 2024, Bloomington is the place to be for Erasmus studies. Students will do an in-class presentation on a subject related to the readings and write a term paper on a subject chosen in consultation with the professor. Papers demonstrating neo-Latin competence will be included in a special issue of Erasmus Studies (yes, that's a bribe).

FRIT-F 620    #30183    4:00P-6:00P        Th        BH 123          MacPhail E

Course meets with REN- R 502

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