French Honors Program

French honors program

Qualified and interested students should enroll in honors versions of French courses (when available) and complete the normal requirements for a French major. To complete an honors degree in French, a student normally selects a thesis advisor and a topic by the end of their junior year. Students may enroll in F399 during the junior year in order to do this preliminary research, or the exploration can be done informally. A student may have an additional faculty advisor outside the French program, depending on the nature of the project. Students are required to enroll in F499: Reading for Honors, and to prepare an honors thesis during their senior year.

Foreign travel is strongly encouraged for honors students, and credit may be earned for intensive study or research projects done abroad. Interested students should also contact the Office of Overseas Studies and the Hutton Honors College. The Honors College offers International Experience Grants to encourage study and service abroad. Students with strong research proposals are also encouraged to enter the competition for research grants offered through the Honors College.

Because of our department belief that honors students have distinct needs that must be met through ongoing dialogue and mentoring from faculty, they may participate in designing some aspects of their curriculum. Those interested in earning honors in their French majors should contact Professor Barbara Vance.

Requirements for departmental honors

  • An overall GPA of 3.3
  • A cumulative GPA of 3.5 in all French courses
  • Enrollment in F499 “Reading in French for Honors” for at least one semester in order to finish writing an Honors Thesis under the direction of a faculty member. F499/M499 may be taken for a maximum of 6 credits in French/Italian.
  • Student must be a declared French or Italian major