Visions Of Italy: Life Death In Medieval Italy

FRIT-M 322 — Spring 2023

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Helena Phillips-Robins
SY 108
Days and Times
TR 1:15P-2:30P
Course Description

Prerequisite: FRIT-M300 or M301, or permission of instructor.

The period 1250-1375 in Italy witnessed profound artistic experimentation, ongoing political turmoil, and a plague that killed one quarter to half of the population of Europe. We will investigate medieval literature, art, and cultural history, studying the major works of the period and also voices that helped shape medieval consciousness but that were subsequently marginalised because of their gender. We will study writers and artists from Dante to Boccaccio, Giotto to Catherine of Siena. Among the questions we will investigate: How did medieval Italians understand life and death? What is the role of literature and art in rebuilding a society after a deadly pandemic? What did the search for justice and freedom look like in medieval Italy? Taught in Italian

COLL (CASE) A&H Breadth of Inquiry credit

COLL (CASE) Culture Studies: Global Civ & Culture

FRIT-M 322        #13710     1:15P-2:30P        TR       SY 108      Phillips-Robins, H      

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