Visions of Italy Through The Arts, Media, Society, and Culture (The Cultures of Italian Renaissance) (3 CR)

FRIT-M 322 — Spring 2024

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Massimo Scalabrini
WY 101
Days and Times
TuTh 3:00p - 4:15p
Course Description

Prerequisite: FRIT-M 300 or FRIT-M 301; or consent of instructor

Italian culture is wonderfully diverse, both in its history and geography. This course will explore aspects of this diversity by focusing on a variety of sources, from written texts (prose and poetry) to other art forms such as painting, sculpture, architecture, photography, film, and opera. We will analyze how the formal and thematic features of these sources evolved throughout the centuries, from the times of Dante and Machiavelli to the present day, and we will study the distinctive social, political, and cultural contexts in which each source was produced and interpreted. Through these works we will look at Italian culture as a whole, paying special attention to its unique heritage and transnational connections, but also considering its languages, economic and political systems, and landscapes. The class will be CONDUCTED IN ITALIAN. All course materials will be made available on Canvas.

COLL (CASE) A&H Breadth of Inquiry credit
COLL (CASE) Global Civ & Culture credit

FRIT-M 322   #30748   3:00PM — 4:15 PM      TuTh       WY 101       Scalabrini M    

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