Topics In Italian Culture: The Cultures of the Italian Renaissance

FRIT-M 222 — Spring 2023

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Massimo Scalabrini
WH 106
Days and Times
TR 11:30A-12:45P
Course Description

The aim of this course is to provide a clear and comprehensive picture of what the Italian Renaissance was. We will first try to understand historically the core event of the Renaissance--the rediscovery and conscious imitation of ancient Greek and Latin languages, literatures, cultural artifacts--and we will then analyze the ways in which this rebirth fundamentally changed the languages, literatures, arts, philosophies and politics of Italy at the dawn of the modern era. A key concern will be to demonstrate that while the Renaissance was ‘elitist’ in that only a few highly educated people could engage in this revolution, it produced far reaching consequences in the way we speak, read, write, and study languages, literatures and cultures.

IUB GenEd A&H credit

IUB GenEd World Culture credit

COLL (CASE) A&H Breadth of Inquiry credit

COLL (CASE) Culture Studies: Global Civ & Culture

FRIT-M 222        #9955     11:30A-12:45P            TR       WH 106          Scalabrini M

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