French in the Business World (3 CR)

FRIT-F 317 — Spring 2024

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Brett Bowles
GA 0009
Days and Times
TuTh 9:45a - 11:00a
Course Description

Prerequisite: FRIT-F 250 or FRIT-F 265 or appropriate placement test score. Having taken a prior 300-level course at IU is recommended.

Taught entirely in French, the course offers a general introduction to French business language and culture. The course aims to develop the four skills (reading, writing, speaking, listening) and focuses on their practical application in the business world, with an emphasis on specialized vocabulary. We will cover general topics useful to all fields of business including the structure of the French economy; governmental regulation of business practices; France’s role in the European Union; the place of work in French society and culture; key differences between French and American attitudes toward work, as well as developing skills such as correctly formatting a CV and writing an effective job application letter. Additionally, we will touch on several specialized areas (banking, finance, marketing, the stock market) in which students may eventually want to work.

FRIT-F 317     #2132      9:45A-11:00A        TuTh            GA 0009          Bowles B

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