How Objects Make Us Feel: French Material Culture and the History of Emotions

FRIT F226 — Spring 2021

Alison Calhoun
ED 1120
Days and Times
TR 1:10P - 2:25P
Course Description

Fulfills GenEd World Languages and Cultures credit and GenEd S&H credit

Above class open to freshmen who completed an ASURE Interdisciplinary course during their first semester.

How does the look, feel, or sound of a cultural object make us feel? In this course on material culture and emotions, we will use physical artefacts from early modern France as a case study to explore a history of emotions — specifically anger, anxiety, compassion, disgust, laughter, grief, love, and tears. Reading, viewing, and listening assignments will be combined with several visits to cognition labs across campus to approach our objects of study using both theoretical and experimental methodologies. In your final project, you will choose one object for which you will write literature reviews and design and conduct a small-scale emotional response experiment.

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