The Sounds and Rhythms Of French

FRIT-F315 — Fall 2023

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Course Description

Prerequisite: FRIT-F 250 or FRIT-F 265 or appropriate placement test score

French F315 introduces students to the French sound system, enabling them to perfect their pronunciation skills through guided practice as well as training in the linguistic concepts behind French sounds and intonation. The course has three main objectives:

(1) To discover the nature of sounds (phonetics) and sound systems (phonology), including how they differ between dialects of French;

(2) To improve students’ pronunciation accuracy and oral fluency through a combination of practice, perceptual and articulatory training, and acoustic analysis;

(3) To develop students’ communicative skills using both conversational and listening comprehension practice

Students choose one of two drill sections and attend drill plus lecture. The course meets four times weekly: two lectures with the professor, and two practice sessions with an associate instructor. All components of the course are taught in French.

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