Second-Year French I: Language and Culture

FRIT-F200 — Fall 2024

Francophone flag compilation.
Days and Times
Course Description

Prerequisite: F150 or equivalent.

Grammar, composition, conversation coordinated with the study of cultural texts. Credit given for only one of the following third-semester courses: F200 or F265.

FRIT-F 200  1873              9:10A-10:00A            MWF               BH 217            Staff
F200            1874              11:30A-12:20P          MWF               LH 120            Staff
F200            1875              10:20A-11:10A          MWF               BH 216            Staf
F200            1876              12:40P-1:30P            MWF               BH 240            Staff
F200            1877              1:50P-2:40P              MWF               BH 214            Staff
F200            1878              3:00P-3:50P              MWF               GA 0011         Staff
F200            1879              11:30A-12:20P          MWF                BH 214          Staff
F200            1880              6:30P-7:45P              MW                 GA 0009         Staff
F200            1872              9:45A- 11:00A            Tu                   WB WEB        Staff
F200          10823              6:30P-7:45P                Tu                  WB WEB        Staff


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