Elementary French II: Language and Culture

FRIT-F150 — Fall 2024

Francophone flag compilation.
Days and Times
Course Description

Prerequisite: F100 or appropriate placement exam score

Basic structures of the French language and selected topics of French civilization and culture. Credit given for only one of F115, F150, or F491.


FRIT-F 150  1863                11:30A-12:20 P         MWF               BH 240            Staff
F150            1864                9:10A-10:00A           MWF               BH 214            Staff
F150            1865                12:40P-1:30P            MWF               LH 120            Staff
F150            1866                3:00P-3:50P              MWF               GA 0009         Staff
F150            1867                10:20A-11:10A         MWF               BH 244             Staff
F150            1868                6:30P-8:00P              TuTh                BH 015           Staff
F150            1869                1:50P-2:40P              MWF               BH 312           Staff
F150            1870                11:30A-12:45P           Th                  WB WEB         Staff
F150            1871                1:50P-2:40               MWF                BH 141            Staff
F150           10822               6:30P-7:45P              Th                   WB WEB         Staff

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