Migration and the Mediterranean: Transnational Visions of Italy on Screen

FRIT-M311 — Fall 2021

Colleen Ryan
GA 1134
Days and Times
11:30A - 12:45P TR
Course Description

Italy has became a central node of migration experiences in the Mediterranean.  Yet, for many, migration constitutes is a national ‘threat’ that seems to justify stereotypes and discrimination.  This course offers students different lenses through which to analyze the phenomenon of migration to Italy and a set of tools for understanding representations of foreigners in Italy on screen. Through a variety of reading materials and weekly film viewings, we will consider Italian and “other” points of view—African, Indian, Chinese, Eastern European, and Middle Eastern— to understand the discourses on local and global identities that contemporary migration has  inspired.  We will explore the ways transnational selfhood then intersects with questions of language, class, race, gender, and sexuality. Furthermore, Italy’s roles as both a transitory space and settling place will provide the foundation for our understanding of human mobility and its effects on our cultural and national identities.

This class is joint-offered with MSCH-F 398 and EURO-W 406. Taught in English.

Image attribution: https://www.atlasobscura.com/places/gateway-to-europe

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