Seminar In Italian Literature And Culture (3-4 CR)

FRIT-M 825 — Spring 2024

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Andrea Ciccarelli
ED 3004
Days and Times
W 4:00p-6:00p
Course Description

In this class we will examine different authors and genres, from earlier to more recent times (from Dante to Leopardi; from D'annunzio to Saba and Ungaretti and post-WWII poetry; from Iacopone's Laude to Pirandello's dramas; from Michelangelo's carved stone to the Arte povera, etc.) reflecting on the thin line that divides innovation from tradition. We will read/ look at poets, writers and artists whose works are either considered classics or ground-breaking, trying to understand why their works were and are still classics, that is, evergreen and contemporary to us, and yet, why we consider them milestones of a living canon. Requisites: good reading knowledge of Italian; active class participation (in Italian or English). Students will write a final research paper and will have to present a work of their choice, focusing on its innovative strength and/ or its traditional role.

FRIT-M 825    #30657      4:00 PM–6:00 PM      W        ED 3004          Ciccarelli A.

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