Methods of Italian Language Teaching

FRIT-M573 — Spring 2022

Colleen Ryan
BH 123
Days and Times
R 10:45 A - 12:45 P
Course Description

How do we teach a foreign language beyond the acquisition of skills sets, vocabulary, and grammatical structures? How can we engage learners in thinking about languages and cultures in more personal, more interdisciplinary, and professional ways? How might we transmit interest in and enthusiasm for multilingual subjectivity? How shall we contextualize the daily work of foreign language and culture courses in our global society? How can the foreign language instructor grow intellectually and professionally from this work? In this course students will gain and articulate perspectives on the current state of the FL profession; practice and critique techniques and approaches to student-centered foreign language learning and beyond; analyze evaluate different theories of FL learning; and develop and demonstrate one’s professional readiness through position papers, brief conference-style presentations, and a working dossier, including an original course syllabus. 

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