Methods in Italian Language Teaching

FRIT-M573 — Spring 2020

Italian textbooks spread out on a table.
Colleen Ryan
ED 3004
Days and Times
11:15A-1:15P R
Course Description

In this course we will explore foreign language teaching and learning from a variety of theoretical and practical perspectives, with a focus on how language, culture and content teaching form foundation for holistic curricular perspectives and a rich and evolving set of professions. Students will analyze and debate about a variety of materials pertaining to L2 acquisition and cultural proficiency. In addition, students will engage with (inter)national dialog about foreign language study, explore SLA research methods, formulate informed positions on the roles of creative and critical thinking, multiple intelligences theory, performative teaching and learning, and teaching literature as a cross-disciplinary enterprise.  Assignments range from short critical commentaries, annotated bibliographies, and collaborative presentations, to an oral exam and final teaching dossier draft.

Class #30649

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