History of the French Language 1

FRIT-F603 — Fall 2020

Barbara Vance
PY 226 (Thursdays only)
Days and Times
4:55P - 6:10P, TR
Course Description

F603 provides an introduction to the history of the French language, focusing on ‘internal’ developments while setting these against an ‘external’—historical and social—backdrop. We will investigate the evolution of the sound system (phonology), word formation (morphology), sentence structure (syntax), and vocabulary, placing these developments within contemporary approaches to variation and change. In this first half of the 603-604 sequence, we especially cover early development (Popular Latin through 13th century Old French) and phonology/morphology. Diachronic study is complemented by readings from the Old French period.

Course meets synchronously online on Tuesdays, and in person on Thursdays. 

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