Introduction to Medieval French Literature

FRIT-F501 — Fall 2024

Elizabeth Hebbard
BH 240
Days and Times
Th 3:00P-5:00P
Course Description

This course offers a general introduction to vernacular literature from medieval France through major works, themes, and critical approaches with an emphasis on transferrable research skills: archival work, premodern primary sources, medieval manuscript culture, philology and critical edition, and the digital tools available for working in all those areas. In the first part of the course, students will develop some reading fluence in medieval French through guided grammar study and familiarity with manuscript culture through encountering manuscripts at the Lilly Library. Coursework includes translations of short excerpts from our primary readings, reading responses, and a long-term collaborative digital critical edition project of a medieval work in multiple manuscript versions. Reading knowledge of modern French or another romance language is required, but the course will be conducted in English.

FRIT-F 501    #30877      3:00P-5:00P       Th       BH 240         Prof. Elizabeth Hebbard

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