French Placement & Special Credit

Language placement for French

You cannot fulfill the foreign language requirement of the College of Arts and Sciences or other schools on the Indiana University Bloomington campus (nor the university’s general education requirements) simply by taking the placement exam. Depending on the requirement, it may be fulfilled by taking AP or IB exams (see the Office of Admissions website). However, normally a student with prior knowledge of French must take the online Indiana University placement exam and then complete at least one “validating course” in French.

Placement exam

If you have previous knowledge of French, you must take the online placement exam through the Bloomington Evaluation Services and Testing office. The scores will be made available to you during the orientation session for freshmen or transfer students, or you can check with the Department to obtain your score. The placement exam is used only to place you at the correct level as you start your language study at IU. It is not used to establish proficiency in the language or to receive any university credit. To be clear, if you test out of F100 or F150 with the placement exam, you will NOT receive credit for those courses. If you test out of any 200-level French course, see Special Credit, below.

The online placement exam costs $54, which covers all language placement exams for one academic year. This amount will be billed to your Bursar account.

Placement Exam Scores and Courses
Score Placement
0-25 F100
26-35 F150
36-43 F200
44-51 F250
52+ F300, F313, F314, F315, F316, or F317

Advanced placement + IB credit

You should consult the Office of Admissions website to find out about credit in French given as a result of Advanced Placement (AP) exams or International Baccalaureate (IB) exams.

Course permissions

Please download and complete the Permission for Individual Readings Form for permission to register for the following:

  • X490 - Individual Readings and F399/499 Readings for Honors