Alice and Roy E. Leake Scholarship

Alice and Roy E. Leake Scholarship (French)

Each year, the Office of Overseas Study seeks eligible students for this scholarship, awarded to a student who is a former participant in Indiana University’s High School Honors Program in Foreign Languages who has been accepted to the Overseas Study Aix-en-Provence Academic Year Program.

Roy and Alice Leake both contributed to the advancement of the study of the French language at Indiana University. Besides his work and research as a professor in the Department of French and Italian, Professor Roy Leake dedicated time and energy to other endeavors and projects in which he was accompanied and supported by his wife, Alice. Together they led the academic year-length Overseas Study Program in Strasbourg (1967-68), and, for five consecutive summers (1970 – 1974), the Honors Program for High School Students in St. Brieuc.

This scholarship is administered by the Office of Overseas Study.

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