Paris, France

Study abroad in Paris, France

Paris is a vibrant European metropolis offering a rich cultural history. Our students can participate in a semester-long program, a summer program, or a summer internship in Paris.

Semester-long program

In the co-sponsored semester Paris program, you will enroll in courses at the IES Abroad center with other U.S.-based students. You will also have the option to participate in either an internship or take a course at a local university alongside French students.

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Summer program

In the co-sponsored summer Paris program, you can focus on improving your French language skills and studying the history and culture of France. You will take courses at the IES Abroad center with other U.S. students.

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Summer internship program

Paris is the intellectual, artistic, and political center of France, making it an ideal location for students to participate in hands-on work experience. The Paris-IES summer internship co-sponsored program offers participants work opportunities in numerous fields. Participants take a French language course and earn credit by completing an internship seminar at the IES Abroad center alongside other U.S.-based students.

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