New Italian Identities in Contemporary Pop Culture

FRIT M463 — Spring 2021

Karolina Serafin
Days and Times
TR 9:25A - 10:40A
Course Description

Prerequisite: FRIT-M305, M306, M307, M308, M390 or permission of instructor.

Do you ever wonder who Italians are today? What does it really mean being an Italian? How has Italian identity evolved over the last 30 years? This course will explore the questions of identity and assimilation of first- and second-generation immigrants into Italy who contribute to the transformation and richness of the Italian culture. Sumaya Abdel Quader, Phaim Bhuiyan, Ghali, Laila Wadia, Haider Rashid, Mahmood are just a few of the writers, singers, and directors whose work we will experience. We will face topics such as colonization, racism, religion, laws, and the difficulties and the beauty of being Italian. You will read novels, watch movies, listen to music, and explore immigrants’ communities online. Through this lens we will then look at Italian society as a whole to reevaluate the stereotypes of Italy seen as a uniform country deeply rooted in the Catholic religion. Your final project will be an un-essay. You will be able to choose how you want to end the semester: with an interview, a movie, or creative writing. I am sure you will find some way to express yourself. Italy and the United States have more in common than you may expect; from the undesirable to the remarkable. 

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