Italian Reading and Expression

FRIT-M 301 — Spring 2023

WH 119
Days and Times
MTWR 10:20A-11:10A
Course Description

Prerequisites: FRIT-M 215 or FRIT-M 250; or consent of instructor

Do you feel rebellious? Do you want to learn how Italians rebelled across various periods of time? This course will allow students to explore the defiant works of writers, poets, filmmakers, musicians, television personalities, and comic book writers in order to gain understanding of the circumstances which led these figures to flout the strictures of society and challenge its norms, misguided morals, and prejudices. Students will become familiar with the reasons why Italian artists throughout the centuries became discontented with society and which solutions–real or hypothetical–they provided. Through engaging with authentic materials ranging from literature to visual arts, students will study advanced grammar, learn new Italian vocabulary, and practice the four main language skills (listening, speaking, reading, and writing), with an emphasis on written production. All materials for the course will be provided by the instructors.

FRIT-M 301        # 3506      10:20A-11:10A     MTWR      WH 119

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