Intermediate Italian II

FRIT-M 250 — Spring 2023

Roma - Colosseo.
Course Description

Prerequisite: M200 or equivalent.

Fulfills GenEd World Languages requirement

Contact the Director of Italian Language Instruction, Dr. Karolina Serafin for permission to enroll in one of the online classes, 9026 or 13017.

This second-year Italian course meets three times a week and builds upon the first three semesters of beginning and intermediate Italian (or equivalent). In M250, students concentrate on learning how to express their ideas and debate the pros and cons of certain situations as well as to offer advice and express opinions on a variety of familiar subjects, all in the Italian language. The students are involved in a variety of tasks practicing speaking, writing, listening and reading in a cultural context. The course includes study of original Italian short movies that offer the first stimulus for learning intermediate-level vocabulary, grammar and culture.

Online Classes: This Intermediate II Italian course is interactive and conducted completely online. The students do not need to be on campus in order to participate. It requires students to work independently and follow a very structured syllabus. The class meets with the instructor online once a week. The students are involved in a variety of online tasks at the intermediate level, such as reading, listening, completing exercises, posting writing assignments and recording responses. All the activities are integrated into a larger cultural context. The grammar focuses on intermediate level structures, such as subjunctives.

For more information on class 9026 and class 13017, please see our Online Courses page.


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