Accelerated Second-Year Italian (4 CR)

FRIT-M 215 — Spring 2024

Roma - Colosseo.
Karolina Serafin
BH 336
Days and Times
MTuWTh 1:50p - 2:40p
Course Description

Prerequisite: M115 or equivalent (M100 and M150)

Fulfills GenEd World Languages requirement

Italian language course supervisor: Dr. Karolina Serafin

An accelerated treatment of material covered in both FRIT-M 200 and FRIT-M 250. Designed for students who have completed FRIT-M 115 and other highly-motivated students, students with extensive experience with another language, and/or students who aspire to study abroad.

FRIT-M 215    #4134     1:50P-2:40P          MTuWTh          BH 336          Serafin K

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