1968 and Its Effects on Italian Pop Music

FRIT-M605 — Fall 2020

Andrea Ciccarelli
Days and Times
4:55P-6:55P W
Course Description

1968 and Its Effects on Italian Pop Music

This course will examine how the counterculture of 1968 and its socio-political effects impacted Italian pop music. Students will analyze authors and musicians who openly participated in the cultural changes of the time, as well as those who mediated between traditional and more socially committed music. We will focus on the period immediately after (1968-1977), as well as on various artists from the 1970s or early ‘80s who are still active today. We will also examine relevant non-Italian material, for example, the Beat generation in the US, and investigate whether there is a connection between the countercultural period following 1968 and the current explosion of indie music in Italy.

We will listen to many musicians, watch and study many videos and documentaries, as well as read historical and cultural documents.

Students will have to write a research paper and prepare several small class presentations on subjects/ authors not directly addressed by the syllabus.

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