Dante’s Divine Comedy: Hell and Its Afterlife

FRIT-M501 — Fall 2024

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Filippo Petricca
IF 0002
Days and Times
Tu 3:00P-5:00P
Course Description

This course focuses on Dante’s Inferno and its legacy. First, we will read Dante’s Hell in its entirety, exploring sins and punishments; addressing questions about justice, and morality; retracing the interactions between the protagonist, the sinners, and the infernal authorities; mapping the geography of Hell, with a special focus on Dante’s poetics and on scholarly interpretations. Second, as we move through Dante’s cantos, we will be bringing the Inferno in conversation with its modern rewritings across multiple literary traditions and media, including cinema, visual arts, and music. Taught in English.

FRIT-M 501   #30871         3:00P-5:00P           Tu          IF 0002           Prof. Filippo Petricca

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