History, Society and Variation: In Honor of Albert Valdman

Kevin Rottet
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 This volume presents a collection of new articles by sixteen specialists in the field of pidgin and creole studies, assembled in honor of the world-renowned creolist, Albert Valdman. The articles, written from a variety of theoretical perspectives, are organized thematically in three sections: on the history of specific pidgins or creoles (including Louisiana Creole and Haitian Creole); on the sociohistorical settings that gave rise to these contact languages and issues affecting their future development; and on issues of linguistic variation and change.


History, Society and Variation: In Honor of Albert Valdman. Creole Language Library volume 28, edited by Clancy Clements, Thomas A. Klingler, Deborah Piston-Hatlen and Kevin J. Rottet. Amsterdam: John Benjamins (2006)