Eneria Ruggeri Memorial Award

Eneria Ruggeri Memorial Award (Italian)

Eneria Ruggeri (Rome, 1922-1989) was a passionate and refined connoisseur of Italian literature, art and cinema, with a specific interest in drama and poetry. She volunteered as a nurse during WWII and, together with her family, she helped hide Italian citizens of Jewish origin from the Nazis. During the liberation of Rome, she worked with the pro-Allied Resistance movement. This award is for students who have demonstrated a superior ability in their Italian classes as well as a clear passion for the study of Italian language and culture.

Award recipients

  • 2020 - Pantalea Mazzitello
  • 2019 - Francesco Samarini
  • 2018 - Carlotta Vacchelli
  • 2016 - Jenica Brown
  • 2015 - Vianna Newman
  • 2014 - Adriana Giuliani, Frank Granger