Italian Short Fiction: Tradition, Transformation, Subversion

FRIT M306 — Spring 2020

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Akash Kumar
Sycamore Hall 105
Days and Times
TR 1:00 p.m. -2:15 p.m.
Course Description

Prerequisite M300, M301 or consent of instructor.

This course will explore the wide world of Italian short stories, from their medieval origins to contemporary authors that continue to find new ways of engaging with this quintessential Italian literary genre. We will consider writers such as Boccaccio, Giovanni Verga, Leonardo Sciascia, and Igiaba Scego who reflect a lived social reality in their stories and promote vital new ways of understanding culture, identity, and the tradition that informs their work.

From medieval and Renaissance tricks to 19th-century social dramas to reflections on the Mafia and immigrant experience, we’ll explore how the form of the short story shifts through the centuries and provides a signature way for Italian writers to critique and understand their moment.

Taught in Italian

Class number: 30546

3 credits

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