Italian Reading and Expression

FRIT M301 — Spring 2020

Pantalea Mazzitello
LI 028
Days and Times
MTWRF, 10:10 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.
Course Description

Talking Italian Politics: from Fascism to Today

Are you curious to know what happened in Italian society from the Fascist Era to today? Would you like to learn to talk about Italian politics, both past and present? Are you interested in discussing art, film, and social media posts?

In this course, we will consider both historical and recent events by analyzing newspaper articles, short stories, music, film, art, and social media. Our goal is to explore political events and their effect on Italian society, culture, and pop-culture. Our approach will be all-inclusive: no meme left behind!

Prerequisite: M250, M215, equivalent course, or consent of instructor.

Instructors: Pantalea Mazzitello and staff

Taught in Italian. Counts toward the Italian minor and major. 4 credit hours.

Class number: 4126

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